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March 19, 2018


As you may have gathered from my site, I photograph Food & Lifestyle subjects as well as Weddings, and I absolutely adore it. I approach all my photography in a documentary way, aiming to capture the personality and character of something in an honest way, whether it be an object or a Wedding day. Always telling a story. I also use natural light 90 % of the time as it fits with my honest approach to things, and it's just so beautiful!


I have been fortunate enough to be able to work editorially for a couple of magazines and for the likes of Nestle, Sparkling Ice, Made to Sew and some local companies and restaurants. And all have been in a more modern 'lifestyle' approach using natural light and following my own style. 


Working for publication is so exciting, and I love that it is more of a tailored project for me with some direction and structure. It challenges me to think outside of my own creative box and apply my style and direction to new thoughts and ideas. And seeing your work used to advertise things and in print is fantastic. 


Here's a little overview of the different areas of Food & Lifestyle photography and how I approach them. Below are some images to show these different areas.


On location


Working on location is one of my favourite ways to shoot, as you have a whole new place to capture. Textures, light and subject matter you've not yet seen. I have photographed a few events and restaurants in the North East and these images are truly some of my favourite images I've ever got. Ever!


Flat lays and still life


When I say still life, I mean setting up a shot from start to finish in a styled way, with an idea in mind from the start. For me these are more images that I would shoot for my portfolio or publication. I usually sketch out what is in my mind and work from that. I love to bake or cook whatever I am shooting, and then style and photograph it. The whole process is a solo job, but I love that control, and the whole process really fulfils me. To capture a certain season or a certain theme in your image is a lot of fun and really gets my creative side flowing. They say do what makes your heart full, and this certainly does!




I suppose when I say editorial I am talking more about my advertising and commercial work. It can be quite scary, working for a well known brand or company. There is an expectation to reach, and that pressure can be both intimidating and exciting. Working with editors and people in the field is so much fun as you can bounce ideas off one another and strive toward that perfect shot together. I really love that connection and the team work behind editorial work. It's so lovely to be with other people that appreciate soft pretty light, or the way a blanket folds over a chair! It's all in the detail!


Working with models


The first time I worked with a model for publication I was absolutely terrified! But it was absolutely brilliant! A great model can really showcase a garment and they can really help bring life to scenario. I have had so much fun with the models I have worked with before and it just makes the team bigger and better! I have learnt a lot about posing and angles, there's so much more to it than you think!


Below are some examples of all the things I just chatted about. I would love to know what you guys think! 


I am always thinking about collaborating with chefs, cafes, restaurants and stylists to make beautiful images for all of us involved. If you are interested, or know anyone that would be, please do let me know! 











Above: A photo to showcase a recipe for Shredded Wheat, a Nestle brand. 




Above: Winner of BBC Good Food Food Photographer of the Year 


Above: This image made the finals for Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 














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