Wedding Day tips and tricks - Your ceremony & reception - Part 2

June 2, 2020

Following on from my last post about your Wedding morning linked here, I wanted to share some more of my advice for the rest of your Wedding day. If you've no knowledge or understanding of photography but you want the best photos possible then how on earth will you know what's the best way to plan your Wedding day I hear you ask. Well, read on lovely people...


-Timings! I cannot express to you all how important your schedule of the day is. And I also cannot express to you how many couples do not schedule their day or see the importance of it when it comes to photos. If you want to achieve the beautiful Wedding photos you see all over Instagram you have got to make the time for them in your schedule. If you want photos of you arriving at the Church you need to make sure you leave enough time to arrive early. If you want to nail all of your group shots, your confetti procession, your photos together, your cake cutting, you have got to plan the time in to your day and you have got to be willing to pull away from your Wedding party to get them done! As much as I am all about the informal no fuss vibe to a Wedding, there does need to be a level of organisation and willingness if you are hoping to achieve these shots. And of course, I can help you plan all of this before the day!


- Go about things slowly. When it comes to your confetti procession, walking down the aisle & cake cutting take your time and do these things a little slower than usual. It gives me a bit more time to capture what's happening and nail all the elements involved, after all these things only happen once! 


- Assign people jobs! It's a massive massive help to have a few people in your Wedding party assigned to keep the day moving to your schedule and to help gather people for things like confetti and group shots. I mean Ushers are meant to usher people, but very rarely do I see an Usher ushering! I would suggest a couple of people from each side of the Wedding party, usually the best man and a bridesmaid, so that relevant people can easily be identified and brought over for group shots. It is also a great idea to have them direct people after your ceremony to form lines for the confetti procession, if you are wanting to go straight in to it. It saves a lot of time, fuss and frustration, and stops people wandering off!


- Speeches before food. Personally, I think it's nicer and easier to have speeches before your food. I think it takes the pressure off the speech-givers and means they can then relax and enjoy their meal. It doesn't make much difference for your photographs, but after seeing them done both before and after food I think it's better all round to have them before. 


- Lighting! All I ask here is you take a little time to think about what time of year you are getting married and what the natural light is like at your venue. If you are wanting bright and colourful Wedding photos full of natural light then you do need Spring or Summer weather for that look, in the UK at least! It's also worth thinking about the light in the different rooms at your venue. A room flooded with natural light will photograph better than a room that's dark and has a few windows. Of course, whatever the light your photographer will work with it and be able to photograph your day just perfectly, but different kinds of light bring different kinds of moods and I think that's worth noting. This is a discussion you can have with your photographer prior to booking and prior to your Wedding day, I am sure they'll help you see what will work and what won't.


- Venue visit with your photographer. Not only will this be useful for yourself but as a photographer I find it so so useful to visit the venue before the Wedding Day. It's an opportunity for me to see the venue, the light and space it has, and it's an opportunity for us all to chat about where we might do group and couple shots, where certain formalities will take place and what we will do should the weather be bad. Being prepared is never a bad thing!


Here's a few examples of what I've spoken about...



Laura and Rob made time for awesome group shots! And an example of a more moody atmosphere with Winter light. 



Speeches before food!



First dance organised to a tee and a well lit room.



Sarah made time for these group shots, and venue visiting before hand to find this spot! Also a good example of how a Summer light can look.



Emma and Karl gave me time to capture them walking the confetti procession.



Sarah and John were willing to come away from the Wedding party to catch that sunset!



Time to capture all the small details like this.





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