Oh Hey
I'm Laura

Right lets give this a go...

I'm a creator. Definitely a visual person. I love doing anything that has a creative process. I studied photography at college and university and since then I've been photographing Weddings and photographing for publications whilst making my way around the UK. I'm a Welsh gal, but I've chosen to settle in the North East of England. Long story!

I'm a big believer in trusting your gut. I think we should all say yes to new things more and have less fear about failing. Just go for it! What's the worst that could happen?

I am living for the day I can become a dog mum. seriously. I love to adventure and I can't wait to explore more of the world and see new things. I'm big in to yoga and fitness. The beach is my favourite place to be. I seem to function on good coffee and peanut butter (crunchy obvs). I love going out dancing (when we're allowed). And I can make some damn good brownies! Baking is my therapy.






United Kingdom 

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