United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne

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© 2020 Laura Eddolls Photography

So who's Laura I hear you ask?

Well I'm a dog mad, pizza loving, adventure chasing individual with a love for chocolate and a passion for helping others. I love nothing more than eating out, walks along the beach and baking yummy cakes. 


I'm from sunny Swansea (only joking, it's raining 90% of the time). In my adult life I've made my way around the UK, and I have chosen to reside in the lovely Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I love this city. It's friendly, fun and inspiring.

I love plants. I love yoga. I love good coffee. I'm a big fan of a night out and a dance, but I'm just as big a fan of a night on the sofa with blankets and films. I nerd out at fantasy. LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, GOT, they're all my favourite things to watch. 

I'm a big believer in trusting your gut. I think we should all say yes to new things more and jump at the opportunities we are given. I think learning is one of the biggest gifts we have and I want to learn so much more. I believe in giving out good vibes and finding them in return. 

I'm a creator. I feel calm and full when I'm creating. I look for interesting details and the way the light makes things shine. I love capturing personalities and emotions, telling stories with my images. And this is why I love photographing Weddings, all these things tie together. 

More interests?

Dire Straits on repeat, tattoos, converse, travel adventures, antique markets, nutella, spiced rum and wine.